Company Info

Blazing Lazer Art & Engraving is a full service engraving and etching shop. Some of the materials we can engrave are plastic, leather, wood, pewter, silver, gold, brass, aluminum, glass, limestone, concrete, cement, marble and granite. We’ve engraved items ranging from small key chains/charms, hand guns, rifles, engine valve covers, airplane panels, bank teller plates. Truly we have the ability to engrave on virtually any type of material.

Blazing Lazer Art & Engraving has the capability to manufacture, in house, all types of ADA compliant signs. We have the technology to engrave on almost any material, but our specialty is engraving stone, glass, wood and leather. We truly excel in combining technology to develop unique one of a kind custom pieces, large or small, in stone, wood, glass and leather. Call or send an e-mail for more information for your “one of a kind” piece.

Engraving Stone Glass and More