TALL ALAMO AWARD. 5"W X 2.5"D X 8"H. $75.50 Sisterdale limestone award. Star is made from sandstone. Top has Alamo façade profile. Can be personalized with an engraving on the face of the base, with pricing beginning at $20.00 Blasted sign Natural cedar with 'vertical' grain installed with two 'danglers'. Large sign is approximately 5ft 6in. X 31 in.Lower picture is of large sign still on the engraving machine. Routered wooden arrow Roosevelt cedar routed sign Wooden urn Stone engraved memorial bench Memorial stands for your loved one-human or pet. Memorial rock resting against a tree. The rock is a fairly good sized piece, weighing about 175 lbs. Final product with landscaping in place, truly an impressive entryway. This view is looking west towards the actual entrance into the subdivision. This shows the sign with FCO (flat cut out) 1.5" thick stone letters stud mounted with a 1" offset to show shadows behind the letters. This shows vinyl letters applied to the stone so the decision makers will have a visual of what the finished sign will look like. Based on this visual representation the final size of the letters was determined. The "cement footer" has been poured and cured, this crew had the responsibility to drill 1.5" holes into the footer and corresponding holes into the stone. A crane capable of moving this 14,000 pound stone into position was hired to move the stone from the delivery vehicle into place. The installers affixed 1.5" x 48" dowel rods with an epoxy to mate the stone into place on the footer. This photo shows the stone after being milled i.e. angles cut to fit into the retaining wall at the entrance to the subdivision. This shows my shadow as I climbed thru the "boneyard" to identify slabs that could come close to the specs we needed. This slab was subsequently approved by the decision makers This is the MacArthur Park sign installed with the landscaping in place. The entrance features one on either side of the street. Two-sided subdivision entryway sign. 3" X 52" X 81" Texas Creme Stone. Approximate weight 1800 lbs. Installed at Loop 1604 & Lower Seguin Rd 6in. X 60" X 120" 4,000 lbs. Cordova Cream Limestone 2-sided Entryway We milled stone blanks into stone This large stone is 2.5" x 47" x 62" and weighs approximately 700 pounds. The engraving on this stone recognizes all the donors that participated in this effort. We used the tile pattern as a decorative element within the engraving on the stone. This unique tile pattern had been installed into the plaster wall of the library. We digitally redrew it. A most creative way to recognize this donor was to use a literary classic and the name of the donor. Another unique way of recognizing the donors was to develop a cast concrete oak stump and engrave the donors text then enhance the engraving with a black color fill. A cement pad engraved with the donors text. Metal benches were secured to cement pads, some of the donors were then recognized by engraving onto the cement pads with text as submitted by the donors A close-up and detailed view of a butterfly as it sits on a leaf. This is a butterfly as it appears to fly off of the plant. Also engraved onto a limestone slab. This photograph was taken so as to also show all the limestone slabs and blocks on one side of the bridge The detail captured on the dragonfly by Ms Wallace then engraved by us onto limestone slabs is quite vividly depicted here by the shadows. Now we feature plant life and a butterfly perched onto a leaf. This is engraved onto the limestone slab rather than the cement of the bridge This shows more of the plant life and a crawdad with lots of detail on the crawdad. A close-up view which shows the intricate detail Ms Wallace developed in her graphics which we then engraved onto the cement deck of the bridge. This graphic shows type of fish then more plant life then the ripples of the river's flow then more plant life. One of the entry points onto the bridge with graphics engraved into it and also illustrates graphics engraved the entire length of the bridge on both sides by the limestone blocks. The graphic that's just been engraved by Joseph, all cleaned up and exposed to the sun. The graphics seem to take on a life of their own as the shadows cast by the sun dance around the engraving. One of three craftsmen, Joseph, as he finishes up this part of the engraving process. The graphic has been engraved, all that remains to be done is to vacuum the engraving media, remove the stencil material and move the equipment to the next engraving site. This shows our on-site engraving crew, three men and a lot of equipment. The limestone blocks and slabs are also engraved with different graphics all represent the plant, wildlife and aquatic life from that particular area. The six foot tall and six foot wide stone Africa installed at the "Africa Live" exhibit on the grounds of the San Antonio Zoo. This shows this large stone Africa profile engraved with 188 names on the bed of our delivery truck Before names were engraved The towers Exterior office door for custom home builder 36in X 36in surface engraved in relief Full size wine cellar door with grapevine and monogram Wood paver display Santo Nino de Cebu catholic church Brick pavers for VFW Post 76, the oldest VFW post in Texas Brick and granite country church McKinley black granite office sign Glass top table with stone pedestal base Donor recognition. Sarah's Place room sign. Scalloped glass top table with fossil stone base Donor recognition la paloma de la Paz Donor recognition boulder Address cornerstone. Curbside address stone with bluebonnets Custom stone award engraved for MBE Kellogg Custom award for the Vascular Surgical Society in Texas Real Estate Council custom award Briggs Ranch golf entrance Stone awards brick pavers stone book ends