Large Stone Signs

6in. X 60" X 120" 4,000 lbs. Cordova Cream Limestone 2-sided Entryway Two-sided subdivision entryway sign. 3" X 52" X 81" Texas Creme Stone. Approximate weight 1800 lbs. Installed at Loop 1604 & Lower Seguin Rd This is the MacArthur Park sign installed with the landscaping in place. The entrance features one on either side of the street.

Air Force Village

The project for “Sitterle Homes” began with the architects rendering of what they wanted as an entryway for “Air Force Village II”. This subdivision is on highway 90 W a few miles outside of Loop 1604. Our responsibility was to locate a large slab which we could begin to mill to resemble the rendering as designed by the architect. I found several slabs at a stone yard and notified our contact person, Mr. Frank Sitterle Jr. The decision makers came out, reviewed the slabs and identified the one they preferred. We then took the slab and processed it through the steps to end up with a stunning stone sign.

This shows my shadow as I climbed thru the "boneyard" to identify slabs that could come close to the specs we needed. This slab was subsequently approved by the decision makers This photo shows the stone after being milled i.e. angles cut to fit into the retaining wall at the entrance to the subdivision. The "cement footer" has been poured and cured, this crew had the responsibility to drill 1.5" holes into the footer and corresponding holes into the stone. A crane capable of moving this 14,000 pound stone into position was hired to move the stone from the delivery vehicle into place. The installers affixed 1.5" x 48" dowel rods with an epoxy to mate the stone into place on the footer. This shows vinyl letters applied to the stone so the decision makers will have a visual of what the finished sign will look like. Based on this visual representation the final size of the letters was determined. This shows the sign with FCO (flat cut out) 1.5" thick stone letters stud mounted with a 1" offset to show shadows behind the letters. This view is looking west towards the actual entrance into the subdivision. Final product with landscaping in place, truly an impressive entryway.