Wooden Signage

Our computerized full size router, 4′ x 8′, allows us the capability to work on large wooden signs, with multi-levels of engraving. The text or graphics can be left “in relief”: this term refers to leaving text or graphics raised above the background such as the border in the “Civilian Employee of the Year”. The usual standard is to engrave into the wood, then fill the engraving with color.

We also have the capability of achieving the blasted or striated look which exposes the grain of the wood giving it a very rustic look. When we combine three technologies i.e. CO2 laser, the router and the blast equipment, we produce truly distinctive wooden signs. Please contact us for more information.

Roosevelt cedar routed sign Routered wooden arrow Natural cedar with 'vertical' grain installed with two 'danglers'. Large sign is approximately 5ft 6in. X 31 in.Lower picture is of large sign still on the engraving machine. Blasted sign